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Oh So Cherished started as a spare bedroom startup back in 2006 just selling half a dozen wedding guest books. Sarah together with an amazing team have now built a collection of personalised gifts, offered with second-to-none customer care and awesome attention to detail.  We take great pride in all the keepsake gifts we produce, designed and handmade in our studio on the Isle of Wight. Glass, wooden, leather and jewellery gifts are personalised by our skilled technicians, and we love to have a part in adding that unique and special touch to life's significant moments.

Favourite Keepsake

Oh gosh, I have a few treasured keepsakes! One being my Mum's teddy bear from when she was born, so he's 70 years old!, very worn, well loved and called Charlie. He was passed down to me when I was born so I've cuddled him for a long time too!  The second is my great grandma's wedding and engagement ring which she left me when she died, they are beautiful.

Something I wish I still had today 

I'm a bit of a keepsake hoarder so there is very little I have not kept over the years! I have keepsake boxes full of memories. I would most probably say I wish I had kept a regular daily diary. I did have a diary but it was on and off. I wish I had documented time more when I was younger, a lot is getting foggy now!

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