Fingerprint joy for our 100 year old customer x

Fingerprint joy for our 100 year old customer x

A day doesn't go by without me thinking of yet another reason why I love The Lovely Keepsake Company, but this week, we have received a photograph that I can't stop thinking about and that pretty much tops the pile of all the fabulous reasons why I love my job!

Fingerprint tree for a 100 year old customer

Muriel turned 100 on the 12 March 2016.  100!!!!   How utterly fabulous.  I had been discussing various ideas for gifts and how to mark the occaision with her daughter Diane for a few months and she finally settled on a Fingerprint Tree.

Muriel loved having all her friends and family place their mark on her tree at her party and she is now enjoying seeing her framed completed tree in her front room. 

Well what else do you buy a 100 year old lady?  There is such joy to be had from this gift.

Diane kindly shared this photograph of Muriel placing her own fingerprint with the help of her grandson.  In the background you will see the card she received from the Queen, who herself is 90 this week.

What else do you buy a 90 year old?  Perhaps we should send one of our fingerprint trees to Her Majesty too so that little Prince George can place his mark for "Gan Gan"

I adore this photograph.  It says is all.

Congratulations darling Muriel.  May you enjoy your Fingerprint Tree each and every day.


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