Out take photos are the best keepsakes!

We stock a huge number of photo frames for all occasions from birthdays to anniversaries, even frames to celebrate your love of your pet!  They are all hugely popular and I have to say I'm still a fan of the good old prints in a frame, rather than storing hundreds of digital images on your phone or camera and never enjoying them. 
That said, I really must update our frames and buy some new ones as I can't part with some of the ones that are already up but we have so many more especially as the children grow.
I decided to have a browse through my phone and computer and was immediately troubled!  No, not by the thousands of images I had to go through, nor of my aged face since having the kids, but of the specific images that made me laugh and smile the most. 
They weren't the carefully composed ones, nor the one in twenty of the same shot when trying to get all the kids to look the same way, at the same time.  No, they were all the out takes!! 
 Like this one, where Xavi had been beaming as he ran towards me on the parachute at his party recently, only to face plant at my feet!
 Or this one, prior to the Europa Cup final, where we were all in our Liverpool FC kits and Anya's obvious excitement as being "de sayme" as all of us, got a little carried away. #highfive
And even this one, that I have to say was one of 46 similar images captured by one of the twins.  Yes that is Jason's bottom and yet that is a pile of toys in the corner.  Not the best composed photo but if I was to see that in 25 years time I know instantly that I will recall all the times the kids took my phone and filled it with rubbish photos, and how we had to shuv toys to the side sometimes just to see the carpet! 
So, whilst I'm not going to frame these shots, and there are many more believe me, I am going to start an outtakes folder - I may even invest in developing and Outtakes Album for you customers. 
These are the days!!  mwah! x
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