Our Guide to Our Keepsake Bears - all you need to know

We get asked lots of questions about our keepsake bears - mostly from people making comments then realising they don't just have to be made out of babygros.  Whatever goes, as long as it's fabric that you love and that holds special memories.

Here are a few quick Q&As to help you order your bear xx

What sort of bears can you do?

We can literally commemorate any time, club, celebration, event etc with items of clothing that mean something to you. For example we can make them from babygros, school uniform, works uniform, brownie/scout uniform, grown up clothes, garments worn by someone who has passed away, favourite blanket/duvet, sports kit… in fact any fabric that means something to you and will remind you of a special place or time.


How many items of clothing do I need?

That is purely dependent on the size of the clothes! You will of course need more tiny baby clothes than you will clothes from an adult.   We generally say five to six 6-9 month old babygros but if you have additional items they can always be included just make a note when you order.

You might have a favourite shirt or dress from a grandparent and want the bear to be made purely from that, or you might want to mix it up so we can create a patchwork bear out of more than one item, which would vary the colours and patterns.


I have one special garment that I would like to be prominent.

No problem at all, just write this down in Notes when you order and fix a note to the item when you pack it up to send to us.


Do babygro bears have to be made from just babygros?

Not at all, in fact some of our most stunning bears have included detail from dresses or shirts, bibs and even a snow suit!


Does it matter what sort of fabric it is?

It is better if the fabric isn’t too thin as this will be likely to tear and sometimes stretchy fabric is more difficult to work with but generally we work best with cotton. If you send something that we don’t think will work well on the bear we will contact you to discuss it.


Does it have to be clothes, I have a lovely bib I’d like including?

If it means something to you, send it! As long as it’s fabric we will try to accommodate it for you. It’s all about the memories and what it means to you.


What can I include for a school uniform bear?

Generally schools have a jumper or cardigan with a badge; summer dresses, sometimes gingham work well, ties look good and sometimes the embroidered PE shirts work well too. We can always include calico panels instead of shirts/blouses so that your child’s friends can sign the bear too. We have also included blazers, scarves and sock details too that look great.


All my favourite babygros don’t match, will it look messy!

It’s all about what those garments mean to you. We have created some fab funky bears made up of the most varied designs in garments that look great as well as those that are blended with the same or similar colour scheme or designed garments. It is important that when you look at every detail, that that detail means something to you. We will of course aim to create an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ blend of all the garments you send to us in the final bear!


I love the applique detail on this item, can it be included

We love any detail that we can add to our bears, from badges, buttons and applique. We tend to look out for them to include on bellies, paws or ears but if you have one you especially want included please mention this in Notes when you order.


Will my bear look like those on the website?

No! Your bear will look like your bear! Whilst we follow our design in terms of pattern and stuffing for each bear, every single one is unique. This is dependent on the items we send but also each one is hand made and therefore has it’s own unique end result. What we can guarantee is that it will look just a gorgeous!


Can friends sign my bear?

You friends can sign the bear if you specify you want calico panels included. Please just write this in Notes when ordering.


Most important of all is that we phone you as soon as your precious parcel of garments arrives with us to let you know they have arrived safely and we we take care of them as if they were our own, during the time they are in our hands.  We completely understand how precious they are to you.

And finally, we love every bear we create.  We are often sad to send them back to you but all are carefully wrapped in our tissue and boxed neatly for a safe journey for a new life with you. 

With love xx


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