Highlights from #WhenWednesdays 30/09/15

#WhenWednesdays was once again really funny to read.  Thank you to everyone to contributed!  Here are some of the highlights from your memories on this week's topic!!  Hilarious!  #happymemories


- When you have your own children and you hear yourself saying stuff she said to you ("am I talking to myself!!")

- When you find yourself quoting the Daily Mail.

- When you read the orbituaries in the HDM

- When the kids say Nana used to say/do that!

- When its Gin time at 12.00!

- When you tell your friends (who are also in their 20s) stories about people they don't know, assuring them they do know them and continuing to tell the story regardless! #whenwednesdays #boringstories #youknowjean #nobodycares

- When you know all the words to songs from the 60s but can't remember why you walked into a room.... 40 something memory loss

- When your 3 year old daughter says to her friend "you get it, I'm not your servant!" x

- When you have no other option but to lick a tissue and wipe your child's face.....euwwww....

- When you have dinner planned before breakfast! X

- When you pull your jumper down to "keep your kidneys warm!"

- When you call the weather "Fresh" not "Freezing"

- When you buy underwear for how practical it is to wash and dry than how pretty it is!

- When you love sitting down with a cup of tea!

- and When you are fussy about what cup of tea you drink lol!

Love them!  Thanks y'all

#WhenWednesdays #Crazybunch

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