#WhenWednesdays Highlights from 7/10/15

#WhenWednesdays was inspired by me giving up Nutella for Stoptober.  I knew I needed to give it up when I realised I was doing three tubs a week on my own, hiding empty jars in the bin and secretly opening a second in the cupboard before the open one was finished so nobody would realise I'd finished a jar off!!  What can I say?!  Busy tired mummy diet!!  Anyway as ever your #WhenWednesdays equally enlightening!  #happymemories


- When your tutu and ballet shoes just don't fit anymore!

- When you realise you're never going to be a size 8 again coz the dress you kept 'just in case' is still hanging in the wardrobe 24 years later!

- When you do a cartwheel and end up having an Xray because you might have broken your finger!

- When your kids tell you you need to!

- When you see THAT look on your boyfriend's face!

- When you're recovering from your first Ofsted!

- When you've eaten a jumbo bag of beetroot crisps and three days later your pee is still pink

- When your credit card is declined!!!!!

- When you are bothered about your children copying you!


Thank you all for another great week xx

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