Halloween makes way for Christmas!

So I read a couple of posts on Facebook yesterday saying once trick or treaters have been and the pumpkin candles blown out, it's not long before you hear Christmas carols and see Christmas trees start appearing! Don't be daft I thought!

Then today, 1st November, one of my 2 year old twins pulls out a story book before bedtime about Santa and I actually thought "hhmm better start teaching them what the big red man is all about" so read it and then starting teaching them to sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!!??  What's got into me?

Well, now the little cherubs are tucked up in bed, I thought I'd drop a note on the site and remind you all of the Christmas presents link!  You know, just in case you've blown your pumpkin candle out and are starting to panic lol!

We have a collection of gifts and we have a collection of keepsakes!

Fill your boots, I'm hoping Santa does! x


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