A new keepsake to bring smiles

A new keepsake to bring smiles

So we've launched some brand new Memorial Benches on the site today and I'm delighted to be able them to our customers.

Memorial is one of our most popular collections and it's not exaggeration to say that my heart leaps every time we are able to provide a much needed keepsake to help someone remember a lost but still much loved one.  We have some amazing gifts to have around the home, to hold, to light up, and now, this new stone bench I'm sure will give some comfort to many.

I miss my Grandma every single day for one reason or another.  I wish I could tell her now, as a 44 year old mother of three, just how much I admire and love her today.  I was 32 when she died, I was yet to become a Mummy and didn't know half of what I know now.  This last 10 years has enlightened me, changed me, enhanced me and taught me that she way, even more that I previously thought, one helluva woman.  She was a mother of 5 in 10 years, a beloved Grandma to 12 grandchildren and she now has 13 great grand children she never met.  Her mantra of "just get on with it" lives with me, and often frustrates me every day.  She was my idol, my heroine, the only one who was eligible to give me away at my wedding. 

Every evening, after work, I'd automatically press my hands free to phone her and catch up.  If I'm alone in the car, (which admittedly is rare!), I can often think of her and be drawn to phone her.  It's weird, even after 12 years since she passed. 

I'd love a thinking space that this bench would offer me.  A special seat, in a special place to remember special times. 

It's good to reflect.  Warms the heart to remember.  

Makes you smile to remember the good times and the influence someone had on your life.  And afterall, that's all we all want to do is smile again when we've lost someone. 

I really hope these benches bring smiles.  I hope this keepsake is well loved by our customers as much as it is by me.

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