Circle of Life

This week I've had a close friend lose her beloved Nan and I've been supporting a new friend who is expecting to deliver twins, but early, as she's just 31 weeks.  

I remember the pain of losing my Granma like it was yesterday and it's true that I do probably think about her and miss her everyday, in some way, for one reason or another.  I told my friend to feel the warmth and closeness of her Nan in the sun as it rises and sets each day, so that she will always feel her near and I hope that helps.  

When loved ones pass, it is real, tremendous pain and whilst I don't believe time is a healer, I do believe given time, you can help get used to missing them and find ways to remember them to cope better.  

Though you remember them everyday, it often feels harder over the festive season.  As it's often a time that we all get together, the traditions that families share at Christmas, only highlight those that are missing.  It's lovely to bring keepsakes out year after year and pass down festive traditions from our grandparents to our children, but it's really hard when someone is not there, not to feel that void more acutely, as we all sit round eating dinner or unwrapping presents.  I hope my friend and her family feel the closeness and love of each other as they remember their special Nan this year. 

This year however, will be a very special Christmas when the twins arrive and I hope they might be at home and out of NICU in time for Santa's very first visit to their house.  Whilst there's plenty of worry and hard work ahead with a tricky birth of two little ones, the overwhelming blessing of two new babies, two new additions to their family is such a joy and promises exciting times ahead.  I hope this one will be a very special Christmas and one they will never forget.  Zac was born, by surprise 3 weeks early, on Christmas Eve.  Whilst we were shocked and I was still concerned I'd not wrapped anything, it was actually an amazing Christmas and each year just gets better with him, and now of course with our twins enjoying the excitement each year as well. 

Family, old and new, here or passed, is so important and we are so lucky to have who we have around us, in person or in spirit.  Let's try to enjoy our time this year.

May your Christmas build up be stress free, tear free and may the warmth of the Winter sun warm your face whatever is going on for you right now. 

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