Dear Meghan....

Dear Meghan....

Dear Meghan,

I'm pretty sure you have armies of people swarming round you and Harry right now, especially, during this last week before your wedding, but I'm also sure that you have your own individual ideas and needs and determination to make your wedding day, a very special day to remember. 

Of all the brides in the world, a royal bride, especially a British bride or one marrying a British prince, will be overwhelmed with all the keepsakes, memorabilia and reminders of her day.  There will be thousands of photos seen and reseen millions of times over, there are scores of keepsake items that have been manufactured and I'm sure you'll enjoy all of this in weeks and years to come.  But how are YOU going to remember your day personally?  How are you and Harry going to recall the memories when tucked away behind closed doors in your apartment?

Let me help. 


Our Leather Bride's Keepsake Notebook by Oh So Cherished is a beautiful way to remember all those special thoughts you had in the run up to the big day.  The love, the stress, the worries, the laughs, the loves, the excitement you feel as each stage unfolds and the seconds count down.  It will make you smile and recount all that you felt at the time for many years to come.

For all your special wedding trinkets we have a number of Keepsake Boxes including this special silver box with lovely silver ring icons and photo lid detail.  We also have a lovely leatherette box or wooden keepsake box that you can personalise. You can keep this in your own rooms, and open to enjoy all those memories stored safely inside. 

You have 1000's of guests attending so it's going to be extremely difficult to remember everyone who attended but for those extra special people amongst your close friends and family we have a number of signature items.  You can ask your guests to sign with a message creating a long lasting, personal keepsake of the day including Message Frames, Photo Frames, Fingerprint Tree, Message Plate  or Wish Jars.

And, whilst I'm positive you'll want to keep your dress, or indeed that it may be required to be put on display for future generations to admire, you may not be interested in knowing that we can make keepsake cushions from wedding dresses, but it may be something of interest for your bridesmaids and flower girls?  They really are a beautiful addition to any bedroom and keep memories of the day close to heart. 


Meghan, may you be blessed with a long and happy marriage, the day of your dreams and the life you filled with love, laughs and keepsakes! 


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