Father's Day is on its way! Make Dad Smile!

Fathers Day
As a teenager, my cousin Paula bought a print for me for my birthday that she had in her room and I had long admired. 'L'Enfant', as it was romantically entitled by Athena, was on pretty much every teenage girls of the 80s bedroom wall, but we more accurately used to call it 'fit man with the baby'.  
Ever since then I have always had a penchant for a photo of fellas with their kids! 
I was looking for an image this week to use in one of our personalised gifts for Father's Day for Jason and as I trawled through my files on my phone (until stupid o'clock in the morning) I found loads of photographs that I'd forgotten about.  That's one of the downsides of not printing out your roll of 24 photos, you might have 100s of great images these days but you tend to forget about them. That is until you get a Facebook reminder, or you need to buy more storage!
It was so hard to choose just one as I found so many great ones that made me smile - and what made me smile most was seeing Jason and the kids all smiling so much! 
When I first got together with Jason I'd just come out of a long term relationship the year before and I didn't want to get involved with anyone.  Yet we were friends through work and he was a lovely friend to be fair.  The first thought I had when my feelings started to change genuinely was "He'd make a lovely Dad for my kids, my kids would be lucky to have him."  I didn't have kids then, I was footloose and fancy free but I always knew that the partner I was going to chose would have to be 100% dedicated to our kids, always put them first and be 100% hands on.  I knew Jason was a guy like that just from how good a friend he was and so....the rest is history.
With the exception of the regular bo**ockings and constant head pecking to keep the house tidy, finish their dinners and brush their teeth, Jason enjoys the most wonderful relationship with our three kids and I often think how lucky they are to have him as a Dad.  Mummy chose well!  Mummy was right.  We are all lucky that he is their Daddy. 
Not only did he pass on his cuteness, football skills and love of rap music through his genes, he is also full time, full on and full of love for them!
From personal experience in terms of devotion from a father, I know how lucky they are and from Jason's experience, he'd lost both parents by 18 so he understands how precious the time we are all allowed together really is. 
For years I never celebrated Father's Day, in fact in writing this, I can't actually imagine ever celebrating it though I'm sure Mum must have bought me a card to give to my Dad when I was younger.....or was it even a thing then?   Anyway, the point is I just to put all sadness at my Dad's failings in a box each year and enjoy the mini celebration at not having to remember this particular celebration or fork out for a card.  Small wins everywhere!  And I had friends whose Dads I loved and thought a lot of so I used to just love listening to how they'd treated their Dads with a visit, a card or just a hug.  It was sad but it was OK.  I chose not to make it a biggie. 
But I DO love to celebrate Father's Day now with my kids!  From Jason's Daddy's First Father's Day back in 2008 when I bought loads of tat with Daddy on it, to now where it's all about moments, memories and personal touches from time spent with all three of the kids. 
This thought has been the main inspiration of our 2021 Father's Day Keepsake Gift Collection that you have all seemed to love!  Little time capsules from handprints to quotes, photographs to framed handwriting, all are gifts that I know The Lovely Keepsake Company's own 'Daddypappa' would love to receive.
Jason doesn't need nor want much and he certainly won't want me spending a lot of money.  Afterall that's not what it's really about is it?  And looking through all of these photos this last week just reminded me that it's just about showing love and bringing more smiles which we plan to do for Jason next Sunday. 
Happy Daddypappa's Day Jazzy! x
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