Have no shame in Self-Gifting! Treat yourself today!

Whilst it's pouring down with rain with no sign of lifting we all need a little treat in our lives to lift the spirits.  If you're anything like me you've saved a fortune going out over the last year or so, and my wardrobe is now solely jeans or yoga pants, hoodies and trainers.  Not seasonal, barely fashionable and sometimes not pristine clean if I'm honest!  I've saved on false eyelashes, I use body cream not self tan and with my favourite nail salon closed for so long I've got used to short, naked nails. 

It's been a barren year in terms of treats for myself.   I'm not complaining at all because I've not needed anything and still don't BUT I do think we do always need to keep an eye on not ignoring ourselves.  'You can't pour from an empty cup' is one of my favourite sayings since becoming a Mum.  It's so true, if you don't look after yourself you can't look after anyone else. 

'Burnt Toast' is a great book I read years ago by Terri Hatcher (of Superman and Desperate Housewives fame) and it describes how in life in general, women, in particular Mums, always give themselves the worst in life and distribute the best of everything to their families first.  If there's a pile of toast for breakfast to be distributed, Mum will always leave the burnt toast for herself. And that's OK, in the main. 

But I do think there comes a time for us all when it's nice, in fact no not nice, essential to have a treat, to be spoilt and to feel special for once.  To be honest for most, that treat might just be to have a long bath, to go for a run or to simply go to the loo on their own!  

It struck me whilst uploading some new products on the website this afternoon that I was constantly writing about giving gifts to others when I thought, "I'd really like that for myself!"  And If I did want it I'd probably have to buy it for myself!  And why not?!

Self-gifting hhmmmm there's a thing.  So I buy myself deodorant, mascara when needed, and treat myself to the occasional latte but really, why shouldn't I buy myself some real treats?!

And so I did!

And it felt great!

So whilst it's raining and we are still not fully out of isolation, make time for you.  Self-gifting isn't greedy and it's certainly not a crime. 

Go on!  Sod that burnt toast today! x

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