How Keepsakes can be a comfort each Christmas

How Keepsakes can be a comfort each Christmas

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to work out my husband's holiday from work, my Mum's shift patterns and when we can get together with my brother's family all to ensure we get to spend time with each other at Christmas.

It happens every year and every year I wish it was a lot simpler, but work, the Pennines and other in laws always seem to complicate it....and that's before I even try to arrange to see our closest friends!

We all say it "We MUST try to get together at Christmas!" and we apologise if January comes and we still have their gifts under our tree.  Christmas seems to be a focus for family and friends, when we place great effort on being together, so it is perhaps no wonder that it is one particular time of the year when the hole left in our lives by lost loved ones is especially painful. 

Missing our loved ones is obviously something we all carry with us every day, mourning isn't really an opt in, we feel our loss daily.  Yet at Christmas, when the focus is always on getting together, celebrating together and spending time with those we love most, the fact that someone won't be there is perhaps more acute. 

Whilst The Lovely Keepsake Company provides gifts and keepsakes for every event all through the year, for all seasons and celebrations, every year we are inundated with orders for Memorial Keepsakes for Christmas and it starts as early as the end of September! 

The first Christmas after we had launched The Lovely Keepsake Company I bought two Memorial Baubles for our tree, one to remember my Granma and another to remember my husband's parents, all of whom have passed away. 

We placed them on the front of the tree, spoke to the children about them expressing their importance, and every time they caught my eye, I smiled.  Just feeling a small part of them in our living room was enough to stir fond memories.  They were all there with us in some small way. 

Now, every year when we get the Christmas boxes down from the loft, they are the decorations I look for first and I always save space at the front of the tree. 

Our Memorial Baubles and Memorial Gifts are hugely popular and we have loads of brand new designs for this year.  They are often given as gifts to family or friends who have loved one, which is such a lovely sentiment.  

I know Memorial Keepsakes really do bring comfort as our customers tell us just how much they mean and the impact they have had on someone, but I also love my own which bring me huge comfort personally. 

Feel the love and stir the memories this year when your family gets together with your own Memorial Keepsakes.




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