January Shamuary! Bring on the sunnier days!

It's freezing cold, seems ages since the joy of Christmas and moreover, even longer since the last payday.  For our retail business, like most, it's been a quiet month especially when compared to our record breaking December, so all in all, this month has been pants. 

On the plus side we've designed and launched new products, we've finally had breathing space to liaise with new partners on projects soon to launch this year and, we've been able to make much needed enhancements to all the websites.  But this doesn't really give the same buzz as the 'kerching' sound on the system following a new order, nor does it give the same warm fuzzy feeling of writing a personalised note with each order, and, it certainly doesn't feel as fabulous as receiving all the customer praise and thanks.....and so I say again, yes, January has been pants!

Gifting isn't wholly a seasonal business and less so now with all of us finding many reasons to say 'I miss you', 'Thinking of you', and 'Thank you'.  Of course there is a massive uplift in December but for us, we also have Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, School Leavers.....blah blah all through the year and then yes, of course the end of the year is a spike with Christmas.  I love the build up to each event with new gifts, new designs and special messages.  

But then there's January.  We are spent up, gifted out and too cold to think about thoughtful gifts beyond the odd birthday.  No big day, no annual event and nobody wanting to hear more about buying gifts after a busy and expensive December.  Once again, just saying, January has been pants!!

And so, as I sat freezing here in our unit, with Valentines stock arriving daily, the photo studio in overdrive with new pets, valentines and mothers day gifts being photographed and the team working hard beneath the new (inadequate) heaters, I decided enough was enough!  We all needed cheering up and what better than a great offer!?!

So we've just launched free deliver on any order, any size, any number and any price, until we see the back of January. 

Bye bye first crappy, cold month of the year.  Hello here's to brighter days and a fabulous rest of 2022!


Happy Shopping!  Hx

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