Moments & Memories with... Jo Howarth of The Happiness Club

Moments & Memories with... Jo Howarth of The Happiness Club

In these testing times we are thrilled to lighten the mood and bring a little happiness to our followers with a lovely interview for the latest Moments & Memories with.... Jo Howarth, founder of The Happiness Club, learning about what is important in her life and her views on the importance of keepsakes. 

Jo is an Advanced Hypnotherapist with a psychology degree and a diploma in mindfulness and she has been helping people to improve their mental health and outlook on life for many years now.

Today, Jo is happy, but she hasn’t always been, having experienced abusive relationships, crises, bereavements and struggled with high levels of stress and anxiety in work and her personal life. She lacked self-belief, confidence and felt like a fraud. Jo couldn’t understand why anyone would like her because she simply didn’t like herself.  Everything changed when she was given help by people who trained her in tools and techniques to make life better.

Today, she's a mum, wife, author and an inspirational speaker whose goal in life is to help other people take care of themselves!

What is (are) your most treasured keepsake(s)?
My most treasured keepsake is a pair of baby gloves that both my daughters wore when they were tiny.
What is your favourite photograph of?
My Dad. It sits on the shelf in my office. He died 22 years ago suddenly of a heart attack so the photo reminds me of him and the fact that his death led me to do what I do now.
What is a favourite item you wished you still had/been able to keep?
My childhood lamb toy, it was very fluffy and it was my comfort blanket type toy. It got lost in a box of stuff when I moved house in my 20s.
If you could find a letter from someone who had passed away, who would you like it to be written by?
From my Dad. I have some of the letters he wrote to me in the years before he died but a new one would be lovely.
What item(s) would you same to pass on to future generations?
I am saving the gloves to pass on to my daughters and also other items of their baby clothing, christening outfits and toys etc
Do you have a memory box and if so, what kind of things are inside it?
I do have one of my Dad yes. It contains letters, photos and cards.
Whose memory box would you most like a peek in?
Anybody and everybody's lol
How important do you think photographs are to someone’s happiness?
Very. They capture the best moments of our lives most of the time.
What can the giving of a gift do for someone’s spirit do you think?
It benefits both the giver and the receiver in terms of wellbeing. It elevates mood and warms the heart, in both people.
Do you believe there to be a link between keepsakes & happiness?
Yes I would say so. I know that every time I look through my keepsakes it gives me a warm glow to remember the memories associated with each one.
Jo is an Inspirational Speaker, Bestselling Author and Founder of The Happiness Club.  You can train to be a Happiness Club Trainer: click here for more info 
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