Keepsakes from an unexpected special time and special place

Keepsakes from an unexpected special time and special place

In 2013 our lives were blessed with two brand new little people who arrived with a huge drama 3 months earlier than we were all expecting!  And so followed 10 weeks in Hull's Neo-natal intensive Care Unit (NICU) where the doctors and nurses took care of our baby twins and also took care of the rest of our family as we struggled with the stress that premature babies bring.  

We were lucky that through the dedication of the NICU staff, 10 weeks after they surprised us, we brought Anya and Xavi home with us.  

Those long days in NICU were full of mixed emotion and whilst there were many scary and terrifying days, that is a time in my life that I look back on and feel blessed.  We brought our babies home and I will never, ever let them forget the amazing work of the team that enabled us to do that.  I've also promised myself that I'll always ensure they are aware how special they are, of the fight they have already been through in their short lives and what special places NICU units are. 

Which is why I just sat with Anya (now 6) and showed her a video that we made when we were fund raising for Hull's NICU.  We raised £52,000 to buy a new transport incubator to say thank you to the team and this video was played at the charity dinner we organised.  It told the full story with few words.   


Anya watched it three times and then I've just watched it another four!! Even I'd forgotten all that they'd been through.  Crazy days.  I look at my face in the video and can feel still feel within me all the anxiety and fear that bubbled beneath the surface.  Those nurses and doctors knew how to care for me too, and Jason and even Zac who'd come in to visit his new brother and sister.  They were amazing.

Watching the video again, for the first time in a couple of years, was a good reminder of why I launched the NICU Keepsakes collection and moreso of why recently I launched a range of Thank You Keepsakes for families to give to NICU Nurses and gifts for friends and families to give to parents of NICU babies who need to know people are thinking of them.

Our NICU days are over but sadly every day someone else's begins.  Despite having healthy 6 years olds now, I'll always be a NICU Mum, will always champion NICU teams and hope to continue to find gifts to bring comfort and reassurance.  #NICUrocks

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