Moments & Memories with.....Anna Lewis aka 'Sketchy Muma'

Moments & Memories with.....Anna Lewis aka 'Sketchy Muma'

We are literally over the moon to interview a terrific talent for our latest Moments & Memories with....  I am a mega fan of Anna Lewis aka 'Sketchy Muma', and have to admit I was a bit star struck when she agreed to be interviewed for our blog!  

Anna is a children’s illustrator from Cornwall. Sketchy Muma became Anna’s personal project whilst she was at home raising her baby, expressing her experiences of first-time motherhood through illustration, in case her daughter ever became a mum herself one day.  If you don't follow her on Facebook or Insta then you should! 

She also has a best selling book 'What it means to be a Mother' that is fantastic. Praised by Giovanna Fletcher: "Anna's sketches never fail to put a smile on my face and make my heart a little warmer."

Many of her sketches focus on a particularly meaningful moment or occasion in life, so they make gorgeous gifts and perfect keepsakes.  

It's no word of a lie when I say that whenever she publishes on of her beautiful sketches, she nails my life!  In fact, I often feel compelled to send her a message "nailed it again!"  She perfectly understands the light and shade of motherhood and family life and she says the words I think or say to my kids so often, or she illustrates a feeling that make my arms ache to have that moment all over again.  Honestly, I look at her work sometimes and it makes me love my kids more, that's how good she is!  

She covers al topics from finding out you're pregnant, labour, and birth to breastfeeding nightmares, soft play hell and sleep deprivation which are all so accurate and hilarious.  BUT she also cleverly depicts the joy of motherhood and being a family capturing the amazement and power of love for your children partner and parents with some perfectly glorious drawings. 

All of them make gorgeous thoughtful keepsake gifts for those you love. 

Her sketches are just, scruffy little doodles of characters BUT they are immensely effective and wholly unique.  (remember how bad Les Dawson used to play the piano to make us laugh - yet he could only play so hilariously because he was a first class pianist!)  She is an excellent artist but her style looks (only looks because I know it isn't) so easy, which is partly what makes it so identifiable!  

Anyway, enough from Anna's fan club! (me).... We asked Anna about some of her best loved keepsakes. 

What is (are) your most treasured keepsake(s)?

A letter my Mum wrote to me and drawings from my partner and our daughter. 

What is your favourite photograph of?

My daughter and I walking on the beach.

What is a favourite item you wished you still had/been able to keep?

Drawings I did when I was younger.

If you could find a letter from someone who had passed away, who would you rather it be? 

A wise gypsy lady!

What one item would you save to pass on to future generations?

Anything my Mum has made for my daughter. 


You can visit Anna's shop of illustrations here:  SHOP HERE for Anna Lewis Art

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