Moments & Memories with.....Karli Petch, Founder of DotDot Pet Care & Dog Food

Moments & Memories with.....Karli Petch, Founder of DotDot Pet Care & Dog Food

We are delighted to interview an inspirational young woman for our latest Moments & Memories with....Karli Petch is first and foremost a Mum to three great, busy kids but she is also the driving force behind the successful and ever growing brand DotDot.  Starting out with dog walking on her lonesome, she now has an extensive team across East Yorkshire, walking dogs, offering small pet care, live in service and accredited training.  She has also recently expanded the brand into dog food with both dog and puppy food and treats. 

Family focussed and business driven, we were intrigued to learn more about Karli and what is important to her so we asked her a few questions about her favourite moments and memories.....

What is (are) your most treasured keepsake(s)?

All 3 of my babies hospital wrist bands and a card my Mother once wrote to me.

What is your favourite photograph?

I have so many to choose from - most of my babies being born and their milestones, me being a child with my family, my wedding day and several of me with my very close friends - not to mention our family pets!

What is a favourite item you wished you still had/been able to keep?

My wedding dress - I should have taken better care of it.

If you could find a letter from someone who had passed away, who would you rather it be?

My Gramps - I struggle to remember much as I was younger when he passed. 

What one item would you save to pass on to future generations?

I am currently keeping journals for all of my babies (actually purchased from the Lovely Keepsake Company!) So I intend to leave them these for them to read through when I'm no longer here x

You can find out more about Karli and DotDot at and on Insta: @dotdot_pet_care

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