The power of a signature and why it's important to keep them

The power of a signature and why it's important to keep them

There’s obviously something unique about a signature but when it is written down, kept and stumbled across years later, it aches with the personality, warmth and almost ghost of the person it belongs to. It’s such a powerful and truly unique way to stimulate memories. At that moment, that one person made that mark. Timeless. Unique. Personal.

As a younger girl, when I was finding my feet and trying to work out who I was and wanted to be, I fell in love with Princess Diana's signature.  I'd always loved her, has several scrapbooks and this was just something else about her I admired.  I thought it was beautiful, all swirly, seemingly happy and fun and I really really wanted to have my name look like hers.  It seemed more informal, open and friendly than some of more formal, scribbly, unrecognisable signatures I'd ever seen before.  I thought it was fabulous. 

My own signature has obviously developed since being a thirteen year old but for sure, it is swirly, friendly and probably informal, in a Diana-esque type of way, but I'd also say it's very me!!  

My absolute favourite signature is one that makes my heart stop and makes me take a sharp intake of breath when I stumble across it.  I always kept card and gift tags from this person and she was a fabulous letter writer so quite often, I'll come across something she sent me and see her familiar signature at the bottom.  She had lovely, small compact and neat handwriting, with loopy 'f's and g's and the most gorgeous loopy capitals.  She always signed her name to me as 'Granma' as this was how she was affectionately known in our Lancashire accents.  And she always did 4 kisses.  When I see her easily recognisable, tiny, joined up writing it makes my heart sing.  So unique, always warmly received and and now, so very missed.   

That’s why our Signature Keepsake Collection is so very popular.  Whatever the occasion we have something that you can capture a scribble from all your guests to uniquely remember all those who were there and provide a powerful reminder and keepsake for years to come.   It is an individual mark, unique to that person, capturing how they felt at that very moment in time.  It's so lovely too, to see where kids have left their mark on a keepsake, writing their names in their own way at a young age, and then to look back in years to come and cherish those tiny scribbles.   May not be quite as unique or personal as a fingerprint, handprint or footprint, but a signature is a wonderfully mark that can express individuality and stir up future memories.  Have you kept anything with your loved ones signatures on it?  Have you got a celebration coming soon where you could collect personal messages and signatures?  Have you even ever thought about the power of signatures and how important it could be in the future to stumble across your loved ones signature?  We all like to leave our mark on the world, why not investigate ways to cherish them.  Check out our Signature Gifts collection.   #signaturegifts

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