Unique Father's Day Gifts for 2021 - here are some clues

Despite having a business that sells gifts all year round, it is true that we have peaks in sales around various national celebrations and the next one is of course Father's Day.  Over the last six years we've seen so much more activity around Father's Day than Mother's Day and our girl weighted team think this is because we Mummies are far more inventive with gifts than the fellas, who can easily rely on flowers or chocolates. 

Innovative, different or unusual gift ideas for Dads are common searches and so each year out team tries to come up with new ideas for you!  

My little girl has a love hate relationship with her Daddy.  At seven years old and the only girl in testosterone laden household, she often just needs to glance a look to Daddy and he melts.  Arms open, on the sofa, snuggled together they are the best of friends. He'd do anything for her and she'd mother him and defend him till her last breath. 

Moments later, asking her to come off tech, complaining that there are make up or slime stains on the carpet or once again telling her not to leave wrappers or half eaten Kitkats on the worktop and he unleashes a banshee that wants to rip his head off!  

Recently we've both been getting firmer with the kids, turning up the discipline and trying not to let them get away with as much.  It's been challenging to say the least but I think we're already seeing small improvements. 

Anya has recently started leaving little handwritten notes on our pillows. Sometimes they are apologies, sometimes they have been just love notes with interesting comparisons on how much she loves us (more than custard?!) But all with scrawled with big, fat, colourful felt tips with her own unique spelling and interestingly shaped letters. 

THEY ARE THE BEST GIFT! By far, I'd give up perfume, jewellery any amount of Captain Morgan for Mother's Day or birthday just to have a handwritten note.  I love them and I keep every single one in my Kids keepsake box.  She'll be embarrassed when she's older but I'm certain when I open the box up and read them in years to come, my heart will still melt at that tiny, well thought through scrawl!

And so that it a clue to one of our very special Father's Day collections for 2021.  The gifts for Dad are personal, unique and very special.  One of a kind gifts in fact and something different to socks, a bike pump or the usual 'We love Daddy' Keyring!   Look out......  Coming Soon x

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