What on earth do I do with these now?

What on earth do I do with these now?

So we've had Valentines Day, Mother's Day and now Easter is round the corner and the kids have been crafting like mad at school, Jason has been carefully choosing cards and writing lovely sentiments and all the time cards, homemade and bought, have been replacing one after the other or cluttering the shelves! 

They've been lovely to see and read but now I have the usual pile on the kitchen worktop currently filed under 'not sure what to do with these so I'll just keep moving the pile'.  I bet I'm not the only one with a pile under that file name!!  (well apart from my friend Jo who has a filing cabinet and folders for literally EVERYTHING in life!!!

So it's a great time of year to look at keepsake options for cards you simply can't throw away and kids crafts you want to treasure and keep.

This wooden keepsake box is great as you can personalise the top with any message or dedication.  We have one that simply says, 'Kids Crafts I Can't Throw Away!' - does what it says on the box!  https://www.thelovelykeepsakecompany.co.uk/collections/keepsake-boxes-1/products/any-occasion-any-message-personalised-wooden-keepsake-box

These fab folios are simply perfect for putting in paintings or pictures or hand made cards.  There are four designs available and they are available in A2 or A3 size. https://www.thelovelykeepsakecompany.co.uk/collections/records-of-achievement/products/kids-artwork-folio   

So there are loads of reasons to save and safely store cards and kids crafts but often simply not the time to sort it.  

Take time out, make a brew and before you move your unfiled pile, take a look at some of the options we have in store.  x

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