Why Daddies to be should be celebrated this Father's Day 2021

There are plenty of examples during a pregnancy when the focus and attention is solely on the Mum and baby and, few would argue that it shouldn't be this way.  

We do try to involve the new Daddy when baby arrives, giving him jobs to do, first skin on skin and generally making him feel loved rather than pushed out (or is that the dog?!)  The fact is there is a little attention, not much, but then he doesn't need or really want that much to be fair. 

But if you are pregnant during this forthcoming Father's Day on June 20th 2021, you might want to take a little time to make him feel special, even as a father to be.  

You see the fact is, he is a Daddy.  Your baby Daddy feels as much a connection to that growing belly full of arms and legs and you, but he's just not able to express it or feel it the same.  As far as he's concerned, he helped create it, he loves it and he can't bloody wait for Junior to arrive.  He's a Daddy alright!

Mummies to be get LOADS of attention.  Every day. From Everyone!  Daddies to be are often forgotten and overlooked.  They don't seem to get to wear the Daddy badge until the baby pops out!  But this June 20th, he'll be wanting to rub your tummy, whisper to Junior and will feel such a bond to your growing bump that it would make it super special for him to acknowledge that connection. 

This time next year he'll be celebrating his first Father's Day and he'll be bursting with pride, if a little overtired.  But this year he's a Daddy to be, and perhaps the only time he'll be Daddy to be! Don't miss the chance to mark the celebration!

Show him you care.  Build the connection with Daddy and Baby.  Surprise him with a gift that will melt his heart saying Junior can't wait to meet him and this time next year, baby won't be wriggling in your tummy but wriggling in his arms!

Life ,and pregnancy especially, goes so fast, so cherish the milestone, the celebrations and make all Daddies to be feel super special this Father's Day!

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